Joseph Philippe

Country: Haiti

About Joseph

Over the past 23 years Joseph Philippe has worked tirelessly to empower Haiti’s rural poor. Through his organization, Fonkoze and the Association of Peasants of Fondwa (APF), he has helped over 200,000 rural Haitians and planted more than half a million trees. As well, Joseph started the first micro-credit bank for the poor, founded Haiti’s first and only rural university and built a road to give access to rural Fondwa. Joseph recognizes the importance of empowering people by providing hope, leadership and economic opportunities and dreams of creating a Haiti in which all people can work together for a better future!

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Project Impact

Total Lives Improved: 

  • 207,720 people’s lives changed
  • 500,000 trees planted
  • 42 micro-credit banks (Fonkoze) for the poor with 1,000 employees
  • 200,000 people with access to micro-loans to start businesses (95%) women
  • 19 peasant groups, two women’s groups and three youth groups (APF) with skills in sustainable agrarian development and leading farming models
  • 700 children with a school building and education
  • 20 students from rural villages with access to a university with degrees in agronomy, veterinary medicine, and management
  • 7,000 people with water access from 23 wells, medical clinic and small business development
  • 500,000 trees planted to stop soil erosion and provide subsistence food

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