Anny Ngoga Bwengye

Country: Uganda

About Anny

Anny Byengye has always had an extremely deep connection to her community and a passion to help vulnerable youth and women improve their quality of lives. In 2003, using some of her own funds, Anny founded a non-profit organizations called, “In Need Home” in Namuwongo, one of the most neglected and populous slums in Uganda. The NGO provides primary education to vulnerable children, primarily orphans, who are displaced from war and/or HIV positive and who do not have the opportunity to pursue an education in formal schools. The school also provides for the children’s nutritional needs, works to build self-esteem, and secures educational sponsorships. Anny’s school also has integrated practical skills training such as basket-weaving, bead making, cooking, and tailoring. These skills promote self-sufficiency for youth and displaced and widowed women from the war-ravaged northern region of Uganda by providing them with job skills and an independent source of income. The centre is Anny’s full time passion, creating a space of safety, hope and opportunity for those who need it most. Anny has big dreams for the centre, which include detailed plans to expand enrolment and begin a secondary school so the children can continue their education.

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Project Impact

Total lives improved: 298

• 60 vulnerable children (orphaned, displaced by war, HIV positive) with primary education
• 60 children with 2 meals a day, and occasionally clothes and medical assistance
• 60 children with self-esteem building services
• 22 children with external educational sponsorships to attend In Need Home and access the services
• 100 displaced and widowed women of war with practical skills training in handicraft (basket weaving and bead making), cooking, and tailoring, resulting in self-sufficiency
• 18 youth with 2 years of practical skills training in tailoring or catering, resulting in 12 youth becoming self-sufficient
• 120 family members with counseling services dealing with topics such as war trauma, living with HIV/AIDS and domestic issues

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