Ugandan Leader transforms trash into treasure

Ugandan Leader transforms trash into treasure

Ugandan Sawa Leader, Olivia Damali Sserabira, does not take litter lightly. In fact this innovator is mobilizing her community to transform trash into treasure!

Sserabira is teaching impoverished girls to weave bags out of polythene paper locally known as "kaveras". The girls, who are faced with little to no employment prospects, can sell the bags and make a modest income. Normally, this paper ends up in large garbage heaps, or worse clogging outdoor drains in many communities. Children and animals hang around the waste, which is a serious health hazard.

If initiatives such as Sserabira’s are taken seriously and supported by relevant authorities, Ugandans will not only be looking at a cleaner environment, but jobs as well. Last year alone Olivia made over 5000 bags!

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