Sawa Youth Reporters In Uganda Produce Their First Videos...

Sawa Youth Reporters In Uganda Produce Their First Videos

Sawa Youth Reporters In Uganda Produce Their First Videos

After just a month of training in basic video production, social media, and community engagement skills, five Ugandan Sawa Youth Reporters have created their very own short videos profiling local Leaders’ solutions for extreme poverty. The videos will be shared with surrounding impoverished communities in an effort to share valuable knowledge, enable proven solutions to be replicated and provide potential solutions to poverty-related issues.

Youth Reporters Judge and Veronica created two short films about the African Community Center for Social Sustainability (ACCESS), an organization that Sawa Leader, Robert Kalyesubula founded.

In Judge’s video, Dr. Ssewanyana James, the Director of the Nakesake Lifecare Centre and co-founder of ACCESS, speaks with 15 year old HIV-afflicted Kawoy Eliah about his medical needs. The Centre provides much-needed counseling, treatment and medical assistance to help overcome his challenges.

Judge's Video (29 years)

Veronica’s video depicts community health day. With the help of volunteers, ACCESS provides free health care to the many Ugandans in desperate need and also teaches community health volunteers how to educate their communities about health-related concerns.

Veronica's Video (21 years)

Youth Reporters Stephen and Tito, only 17 and 18 years of age, created the following two videos on the Ugandan Sawa Leader founded organization, Agric-Stock.

Stephen’s video tells the inspiring story of John Mutumba, the Executive Director of Agric-Stock Uganda. John demonstrates a steadfast supports for the most vulnerable population with food and income security, utilizing techniques such as agro forestry. His story showcases the life of Harret, a widowed mother and grandmother with AIDS. With John’s training and support, she managed to save her family from a life of crippling poverty.

Stephen's Video (18 years)

Tito’s video shows how John’s project helps impoverished community members raise and manage poultry for sustainable income.

Tito's Video (17 years)

Unlike traditional foreign aid models, Sawa World’s unique Youth Media Training Program supports knowledge sharing and solution replication, impacting severely poverty-stricken communities and empowering vulnerable youth to become exceptional future leaders as Sawa Youth Reporters!

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