Sawa World sponsors 3 HLeaders to meet with the Dalia Lama...

Sawa World sponsors 3 HLeaders to meet with the Dalia Lama and other world leaders

Three Sawa Leaders, Seleman, Nadia and Robert shared their stories of local leadership and poverty reduction with a global audience in Vancouver during the Connecting for Change Dialogue. Sawa World and the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education sponsored them to come to Canada and attend the event. Robert states, “We will be forever grateful for what Sawa has done for us.”

During a period of four weeks, the Sawa Leaders met over a hundred corporate executives and world leaders, including the Dalai Lama. Sawa World also arranged numerous meetings for the Sawa Leaders with local organizations that could serve as potential partners to assist the Heroes with the further growth of their successful projects.

The Sawa Leaders met with medical groups, solar energy firms, business institutes, web development companies and youth and high schools. Nadia said, “My visit to Vancouver gave me the chance to talk about my projects for the first time and learn that people want to help. This opportunity will make me go an extra 10 miles to help the very poor people in Vanuatu.”