Sawa World Sparks a New Program

Sawa World Sparks a New Program

There are so many inspiring leaders that endure extreme poverty. Their unique solutions and stories are like sparks of light. By recognizing their potential, Sawa World hopes to help these sparks grow into larger flames.

Sawa Sparks is a new program that documents inspiring community innovators who have the potential to become Sawa Leaders. Like Sawa Leaders, Sawa Sparks have a desire to uplift their community out of extreme poverty; offering local solutions to help end extreme poverty.

The Sawa Youth Reporters look for Sawa Sparks in their communities. These journalists-in-training are employed by Sawa World to capture the inspiring Sawa Spark stories using video technology. Through the dedication of Sawa Youth, we’re able to document how local innovations can support communities through the creation of new jobs, new skills, new hope, and ultimately, a better way of life.

A new section on the Sawa website features Sawa Spark videos. This month, learn how Abudalan Ssejjemba recycles old fishing nets into goods. These products are sold across Uganda, and employ vulnerable youth in Kampala. The second story invites you to listen to how the music performed by children who live in slums is empowering and educating a community. And finally, watch how a single mother supports her family by building and selling eco-friendly cooking stoves. 

These stories demonstrate the possibilities of local innovation and leadership. The Sawa Youth Reporters look forward to sharing these videos at local schools and public places, helping to inspire residents to develop similar programs in their own neighbourhoods.

Additionally, each video submission will be featured on the Sawa World website. These videos are reviewed by Sawa World to determine the most inspiring Sawa Sparks, qualifying these individuals to become Sawa Leaders. For the stories selected, Sawa World will work with the various communities involved so they can personally meet these Sawa Sparks.

Support a Sawa Youth Reporter and get to meet more Sawa Sparks. 

Sawa Sparks

What a fabulous idea! I love the thought of these Sawa Sparks adding their light in so many innovative ways to end extreme poverty.

Great program! Susan