Sawa World Hosts First Screening at Slum Cinema

Sawa World Hosts First Screening at Slum Cinema

Griffin Lule, Sawa’s Media Outreach Coordinator, and the Sawa Youth Reporters represented Sawa World at the first community presentation with Sawa’s newest partner, community slum cinemas, often called kibandas in Uganda.

Kibandas, which means dwelling place in Swahili, are great venues to engage the local community in the slums. They provide a closed community hall with projection equipment to view movies and sporting events such as soccer games. A kibanda often holds 400 people or more during weekend screenings.

The first community presentation was a great learning experience. Presenting to over 40 youth, Griffin and the Sawa Youth shared Sawa World’s mission and goals to eradicate extreme poverty through sharing local solutions. Griffin describes the excitement leading up to the presentation, “We were all at the venue and ready to roll, before we entered the kibanda. The crowd outside was so curious to find out what we do and the youth were so branded in their Sawa world T- shirts. The red and white colors looked so beautiful and most of the people got lost in the moment. It was a perfect day to interact and start our presentation.”

The presentation and discussion led to engaging comments and questions from the crowd. Many wanted to know how they could work with Sawa World to share their stories. 

Sawa World aims to add two new kibandas every month to screen the monthly videos of the Sawa Youth as short PR clips before the main screening events. This allows the practical solutions of the Sawa Leader and the unique approach of Sawa world to tricking directly into vulnerable slum communities.

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