Sawa Team Explores New Partnerships in Earthquake-Ravaged...

Sawa Team Explores New Partnerships in Earthquake-Ravaged Haiti

Sawa World Founder, Daphne Nederhorst, and Team Member, Isaac Buwembo, are back from a challenging but fruitful two-week trip to Haiti. While visiting the still earthquake-ravaged country, they dominated the airwaves on a national radio show, met with prospective media partners, and began to implement a pilot project to assess a potential partnership.

Just three hours after touching down in the country’s capital, Port Au Prince, Nederhorst shared Sawa World’s unique vision for ending extreme poverty on national radio show, Radio Vision 2000. Three million people tuned in to the segment on empowering youth, and many, inspired by Sawa’s work, called directly to express their support and interest. At present, Sawa is in talks on securing a monthly slot for sharing the work of Haitian Sawa Leaders live, on air.

After the show, Nederhorst and Buwembo met with potential media partners. If chosen, these institutions would offer Sawa World Youth Media Training Programs (YMTPs) to vulnerable Haitian youth. Of all of the institutions visited, Creative Studios, a video production company that already trains vulnerable youth in TV and video production as well as news reading and editing, stood out as a great potential fit.

To test the partnership’s compatibility, Creative Studios and two of their youth film students accompanied Sawa World to Jacmel in the following days. Here, they began a five-week pilot project, during which, youth journalists will create two films to document, Sawa Leader, Marie Lucie Mentor as she uses a $1,000 Sawa Grant to change the lives of 6500 people through cholera prevention programs. If the films are a success, Sawa hopes to form a long-term partnership with the institution.