Sawa Revisits Uganda to Empower 125,000 Impoverished...

Sawa Revisits Uganda to Empower 125,000 Impoverished Individuals through Youth Training Program

Sawa World knows that solutions to extreme poverty already exist in impoverished communities worldwide. And what better way to eradicate it than to support local Leaders’ solutions? In order to do just this, Sawa is travelling to Uganda this May to implement its innovative Sawa World Youth Media Training program (YMTP).

Sawa Founder, Daphne Nederhorst, explains, “Through working together with a local media partner, the Uganda Film and Television Institution (UFTI), we will train vulnerable youth to identify extraordinary community leaders who have developed unique approaches for solving extreme poverty in their communities. In just 30 days, these trained youth will reach and empower 125,000 impoverished Ugandans.”

From May 2011 to May 2012, Sawa and UFTI will train 5 vulnerable, unemployed youth in basic video production, social media, and community engagement skills. After the training, these youth will become Community Reporters: Employed advocates for the Sawa Leaders’ projects. They will receive a small monthly stipend to encourage sustainability and create local employment. With their new skills, the youth will create 5 short films to showcase and share the solutions of 5 Leaders with surrounding impoverished communities. This will provide the communities with valuable knowledge, empower them to replicate the Leaders’ proven solutions and allow them to solve their own poverty related issues.

Unlike traditional foreign aid models, this unique project will support knowledge sharing and solution replication, impacting severely poverty-stricken communities and empowering vulnerable youth to become exceptional future leaders!