Sawa returns from Haiti inspired by 3 new Leaders

Sawa returns from Haiti inspired by 3 new Leaders

Sawa team members recently returned from an inspirational trip to Haiti where they discovered three new local leaders (Sawa Leaders) to add to Sawa’s virtual family.

The team met:

Marie Lucie Mentor
who works to empower the disenfranchised people in Jacmel, Haiti living with HIV/AIDS. The team also met.

Eder Romeus
who, without the use of his legs since the age of three, has been encouraging others with disabilities through the use of art. Finally, the Sawa team met.

Joseph Philippe
who has spent the past 23 years of his life transforming the lives of the people in rural Fondwa with medical clinics, schools, clean water, sustainable farming and access to micro-lending through a country-wide banking network.

The three Sawa Leaders expressed that Sawa Global has been the only international organization to approach them with such respect and ask them and the local communities for their solutions and ideas to solving the challenges of their country. Sawa is proud to showcase the incredible leadership of the three new leaders and give them a voice that can reach across boarders.
Visit our Sawa Leaders page and get inspired!