Sawa provides a paid internship to unemployed film student...

Sawa provides a paid internship to unemployed film student in Haiti

Shortly after arriving in Haiti, Sawa World partnered with the country’s only film school, the Cine Institute. Sawa provided a paid internship for Marjorie LaFleur, a 26 year old film student. Sawa also provided her with intensive training and coaching. Majorie was provided with the tools to indentify, interview and screen potential Leaders and represent Sawa to the local media. Majorie became an integral part of the film team, assisting with camera techniques, script writing, narration and editing. Marjorie also arranged a video screening event allowing the Sawa Leaders and people in the community to watch the Leaders’ videos for the first time.

In all, Marjorie produced 3 video clips which she can add to her portfolio and was paid an income that will provide for her and her family for the next 8 months. She’s further along on realizing her dream of becoming a filmmaker and now recognizes that there are leaders within her own community. Majorie will continue following the progress of the three Leaders and indentify new heroes as well. The Sawa team plans to work with the Cine Institute again on an annual basis to train more unemployed youth.