Sawa Partners with Film Institute in Uganda

Sawa Partners with Film Institute in Uganda

So far, Sawa Global has had a busy and productive month. After spending a week in Rwanda, Founder, Daphne Nederhorst, is in Uganda where Sawa has officially partnered with the Uganda Film and Television Institute (UFTI).

UFTI, which was established in 2002 with private and local investments and philanthropy, trains youth in basic television, video and radio production. To date, it has trained close to 300 youth and provided services to government, the private sector, and international organizations including BBC and UNDP.

Over a period of three days, Nederhorst, met with the senior team to review the new partnership. Together they discussed the youth training curriculum and adjusted it to fit the Ugandan context. They also contemplated the most effective ways to share the youths’ knowledge with the community. UFTI advised that community radio broadcasts in the local language as well as community megaphones may be most effective. Other ideas included building long-term partnerships with mass media outlets in Uganda, including television and print, to get regular coverage and a newspaper column about the Sawa Leaders. Sawa provided $1000 for an initial pilot project in which UFTI will conduct a community competition via local media to find the three best potential new Sawa Leaders in and around Kampala.

Nederhorst also met with the Director of Communications at UNICEF Uganda and has connected her with UFTI- they will meet next couples of weeks to see how UNICEF can become involved.

See next week’s news to find out what happens next!

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