Sawa Celebrates Completion of Youth Media Training in...

Sawa Celebrates Completion of Youth Media Training in Uganda

As the first chapter of the Uganda pilot project comes to an end, Sawa Team members Neal Hicks and David Murphy find themselves back at home in Vancouver reflecting on their 5 weeks in the vibrant African country. The two are satisfied that they have laid the groundwork for new partnerships; created opportunities for local marginalized youth and community leaders; and made headway in the fight to end extreme poverty.

After a busy first week of training five Sawa Youth Reporters, Hicks, Murphy and the youth spent the second week in the field visiting potential Sawa Leaders. Murphy says, “This was a great experience for the youth because it allowed them to experience, first hand, Sawa’s unique model in action. They were pleased, surprised and inspired to learn of the great heroes living in their own communities.”

The team spent the third week assessing and nominating three new Sawa Leaders as well as documenting those whom had already been approved. After gathering footage, the youth reporters spent the fourth week hard at work editing the content they had created, often working late into the night. As well, they prepared a long-term vision (Community Knowledge Sharing Plan) to share the Sawa Leaders’ solutions with surrounding communities and local media on an ongoing basis.

During the final week, the youth screened their films for hundreds of impoverished people in the three different Sawa Leader’s communities. In addition, local media interviewed the youth. Participant, Mukiibi Tito discusses this valuable opportunity, “ I am pleased to have been able to share the ideas with different communities and learn more about ending extreme poverty myself! I will now continue as a paid Sawa Youth Reporter and document the work of my Sawa Leader to surrounding areas.”

Hicks and Murphy are excited to see the positive impacts the project will make for youth, leaders, and impoverished communities alike in the future. Stay tuned for the new videos that will be posted soon by the Uganda Sawa Youth Reporters.