A New Way to Engage Globally - Hire a Sawa Youth Reporter...

A New Way to Engage Globally - Hire a Sawa Youth Reporter!

Tired of donating money and never knowing its impact? Discover Sawa World’s unique way to invest in the fight against extreme poverty.

While many people complain that the media is overly negative, it is often a matter of perspective. Yes, there are over a billion people living in extreme poverty, but there are also leaders within these communities who have found proven solutions to pull themselves and their communities out of extreme poverty. We call these individuals, Sawa Leaders. In collaboration with media partners in the world’s poorest countries, Sawa World trains vulnerable youth to be community reporters to share the incredible stories of Sawa Leaders. After intensive training, these reporters are provided with a living wage.

Now, anyone can be part of the Sawa World’s innovative approach by directly investing in the future of a Sawa Youth Reporter.

Through investing in the future of these journalists, you can become an active participant in the fight against poverty. This is a completely new way to engage in poverty reduction. By investing $100 for one month, anyone can provide a basic living wage for a Sawa Youth Reporter. Through Sawa’s partnership with Western Union, 100% of the investment goes towards the salary of a Sawa Youth Reporter. Reporters are then able to produce monthly videos on the practical solutions of Sawa Leaders and share these with thousands or even millions of people. The stories showcase Sawa Leaders’ knowledge and inspiration with people, who like them, live in extreme poverty allowing others to replicate these proven solutions in their own communities.

After hiring a Sawa Youth Reporter, you will receive a copy of the video and a personal message from your Youth. After all, you hired them!

Be part of the solution and find out how to hire a Sawa Youth Reporter today!



Francesca Fionda,
Program Coordinator, Communications Team