New Strategic Partnerships in Uganda

New Strategic Partnerships in Uganda

December marked the end of another successful trip for Daphne Nederhorst and the Sawa World Team. Nederhorst returned to Vancouver after spending two jam-packed months in Uganda and Kenya, two of Sawa’s focus countries. While there, she touched base with Sawa Youth Reporters and Leaders and built many new strategic academic and media partnerships. Nederhorst said, “We are thrilled with the new partnerships in Uganda. They are of critical importance as they take the monthly documented solutions of our Sawa Leaders and reach millions in extreme poverty with these practical learning’s. Essentially that is the key focus and impact of our work.”

In Uganda, Sawa World partnered withSt. Lawrence University. Sawa’s office is now located in the Centre of Entrepreneurship and Business. The University’s Department of Mass Communication is interested creating a course based on the Sawa World innovative program to mobilize millions out of extreme poverty. After completion, successful students would get a chance to be hired as Sawa Youth Reporters and get an income. The university’s focus is community change and empowerment, which makes Sawa a perfect fit!

The Straight Talk Foundation is a Ugandan Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) specializing in communication for social change with a focus on adolescents. The Foundation will start airing Sawa’s content on the radio in January 2012. They also plan to connect Sawa to their school groups across the country and feature Sawa’s work in their publications. What better way to spread the word?

Another strategic partner in Uganda is the Communication for Development Foundation(CDF). They provide a range of specialized and professional communication services including: support, advice, direction, training, and management for the improvement of social services and conditions in Uganda and the East African region. Last week, CDFhad two Sawa Youth Reporters join them in the field on a community campaign against domestic abuse and wants to start using Sawa’s content on local solutions to poverty in their community outreach. Some ideas include: community drama plays, youth radio programs, and comic books. They also intend to start hiring Sawa World’s services to document local projects and nominate potential Sawa Leaders from a database of 800 community leaders.

Finally, Sawa has partnered with Urban TV and Capital Radio. Urban TV is a new government-owned TV station with 11 media outlets. Over the next six months, starting in January, the station will explore using our Sawa Youth Reporters’ monthly videos on their show and also provide them with additional training in broadcasting. Capital Radio, which has a national reach of three million, covered Sawa last month and will cover the work of a Sawa Leader this month.

All new media partners will work with Sawa World to extend the Sawa Leaders’ solutions to extreme poverty with millions living in the same conditions across Uganda. Sawa’s new Media Community Outreach Plan will guide the process. In six months the Sawa World team in Uganda and the media partners will assess the impact this is creating in the communities.