New Sawa Youth Reporters in Uganda Produce First Video...

New Sawa Youth Reporters in Uganda Produce First Video After One Week of Training

After an arduous flight with a few missed connections, Director of the Sawa World Youth Media Training Program (YMTP), Neal Hicks and Ugandan Video Youth Trainer, David Murphy, arrived safely in sunny Uganda. Despite their missing bags (which had been lost somewhere along the way) they were excited to begin their adventure. Their mission: To select and train five Sawa Youth Reporters to be permanent community advocates who will identify new Sawa Leaders and share their solutions for ending extreme poverty with surrounding communities.

Shortly after arriving, Hicks and Murphy travelled to Kampala, where they met with Sawa World’s local media partner, Uganda Film and Television Institute (UFTI). Together they interviewed 11 potential Sawa Youth Reporters, all of whom are unemployed and come from severely marginalized backgrounds. From these bright young individuals, three males and two females between the ages of 19 and 30 were chosen to participate in the program. The following Monday, the training began. In the morning, UFTI and Sawa World provided an overview of Sawa’s model and discussed the Youth Reporters’ new roles. After being briefed on the Sawa Leader criteria and selection process, participants brainstormed to come up with potential Leaders in the Kampala area. In the afternoon, the youth were introduced to the easy-to-use Kodak Zi8 video camera. All were excited to be working with the camera, and quickly picked up the basic skills.

Finally, the youth learned about visual storytelling and how to use the Zi8 and storyboard development to document a Sawa Leader. “These,” Hicks says, “are both key requirements in the skill set of any successful Sawa Youth Reporter.” The five Sawa Youth Reporters have already created their first videos introducing why they want to be Sawa Youth Reporters.

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