Solution Program: International Pilot Project


We wish you a warm welcome to our six months pilot project to test the Sawa World Solution Program in your county. The project duration is from July to December 2015.


The goal of the project is to virtually provide access to simple and locally-created skills (from Uganda) that can easily be replicate by vulnerable groups or communities and allow them to start small business or use the skills to improve their livelihood at home.  We call these skills Sawa World Solutions.


  • Give organizations outside of Uganda access to practical homegrown solutions that can instantly resolve poverty issues in their communities.
  • Encourage participants to learn and implement at least 1 Sawa World Solution each month in their community/projects. 11 Solutions are provided as part of this pilot project (see Resources)
  • Offer monthly Skype calls for additional support and shared learning’s with other organizations across Africa.  Skype calls will be confirmed via email. The first Skype call will take place the last week of July.


  • Monthly impact results will be shared by the Sawa World team. This will be managed through monthly surveys given to the participants. Surveys will be send via email on a monthly basis.
  • We encourage all participants to take photos of their experiences and impacts and share these either via email or on our Facebook page


This section provide two different educational tools to learn the Sawa World Solutions. These are Solution Videos (short “how to” video) and Solution Learning Posters.  Both of the tools provide general information on start up costs and income potential for each Solution.

Note: Three Solutions provide two different alternatives including Fuel Saving Cooking, Fuel Saving Briquettes and Soap Making.

1. Paper bags

2. Planting Flower

3. Sanitary pads

4. Cake Baking

5. Chalk Making

6. Fuel Saving Cooking

- Using Stoves
- Using Baskets

7. Fuel Saving Briquettes

- Using Paper
- Using Organic Waste