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This fall, Sawa World will host two MBA students from the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. Sawa Leaders in Uganda will mentor the interns and demonstrate their extraordinary innovations in solving extreme poverty in their local communities, solutions that do not rely on charity and international aid.  

This site will show regular video updates from the experiences of interns, Amrit and Alice. 
A special thank you to the Beedie School for Business for their leadership in supporting this unique internship program. Learn more about our internship program.


Internship Experience of Amrit

Alice's Internship Experiences

Meet Sawa Youth Reporter Stephen

Meet Sawa Youth Reporter Sheila

First Impressions - Amrit

First Impressions - Alice

Welcome Video for Interns (July, 2012).

SFU MBA Students: Thank You Video (Sept, 2012)