SAWA Blog #37: SAWA Networks with Social Entrepreneurs on...

SAWA Blog #37: SAWA Networks with Social Entrepreneurs on Social Edge web portal

For the month of June, SAWA’s founder Daphne Nederhorst has the exciting opportunity to moderate a discussion on the web portal Social Edge. Social Edge, launched in June 2003, is a networking and discussion forum sponsored by the Jeff Skoll foundation – a site for social entrepreneurs to connect, network, learn, inspire and share resources. The site fosters frank dialogue, mutual respect and aims to strike a balance between the visionary and the practical.

Daphne posted a great discussion about how “A new model is needed to have international organizations work with and invest in individual grassroots leaders to solve extreme poverty.” Daphne made a strong case for how Sawa can be an agent to spark a much needed change in the development field – one that looks to grassroots heroes for solutions.

With an audience of tens of thousands of social entrepreneurs around the world, Social Edge is a great place for SAWA to make connections with like minded individuals who can help us find more SAWA Heroes throughout the world.
Check out Daphne’s discussion:

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