Blog #33: SAWA the Charity of Choice at the Projecting...

Blog #33: SAWA the Charity of Choice at the Projecting Change Film Festival!

Vancouver's annual Projecting Change Film Festival was particularly special for SAWA this year after SAWA was praised as their charity of choice. Every year the festival celebrates and promotes green and sustainable living through engaging films and inspiring speakers, and this year the opening speech by the founders of the festival focused on SAWA Global and the "amazing work" we are doing.

On opening night SAWA shared its message of hope and inspiration to a sold out theatre - with over 350 people (including David Suzuki) in attendance. And to top it all off, SAWA was given the honour of having our SAWA video (which tells our story in 2 minutes) screened first! SAWA’s West Africa Representative, Rachel, contacted all the SAWA Heroes that were featured in the film clip to let them know that the world is watching their efforts. They responded, saying they felt honored, inspired and motivated to continue their leadership to create change despite all the challenged they face.

But SAWA’s impact at the festival did not end there. We made sure to get the youth involved and inspired with an engaging presentation given by SAWA member Tom Davidson on the art and power of video production. Tom did a superb job of presenting 3 SAWA videos while making sure to add some of his personal stories from his travels to 68 countries in the last 30 years. The youth were inspired by all the possibilities presented to them on how they can make a difference. And who knows, maybe they are the next generation of SAWA journalists!

“Leaders can’t change us, they can just plant the seed” – Musician John Pippus

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