Sawa World Summit provides valuable opportunities to...

Sawa World Summit provides valuable opportunities to community innovators

In one of the Sawa World Innovators Summit's biggest turn-outs yet, Sawa Sparks came together last month to share ideas, exchange contacts and promote their solutions to solving extreme poverty within their communities.

The Summit is part of our efforts to encourage collaboration and innovation exchange between Sawa Leaders and Sparks, learning from project successes and challenges.

The event included Maureen, a new Sawa World Spark, engaging the audience with a demonstration on how local baskets can be used as a microwave to prepare almost any dish.

Mwalimu Musheshe – an Ashoka Fellow and Founder of African Rural University in Western Uganda – also shared inspiration on how to build successful organizations with Summit attendees, who included Jan Van Weigin, Assistant Ambassador to the Dutch Embassy in Kampala.

A huge thank-you to all those who attended!