Sawa World Plans to Impact 60,000 Vulnerable Women by 2018...

Sawa World Plans to Impact 60,000 Vulnerable Women by 2018

What if DREAMS could actually change thousands of lives, have a profound impact on the 1,000 adolescent girls and young women infected with AIDS every day in sub-Saharan Africa, and reduce new HIV infections by 40% before 2018?  Sawa World is thrilled to have been selected in competition with 800 other organizations to tackle this audacious challenge for the DREAMS Innovation Challenge, a public, private partnership that will award $85 million to organizations with the best and brightest ideas to confront these issues in 10 African countries.

The DREAMS (Determined, Resilient, Empowered, AIDS-Free, Mentored, and Safe women) Innovation Challenge is asking for smart, effective, rapid solutions to factors that increase the risk of HIV, such as poverty, gender inequality, sexual violence, unemployment, and lack of education. 

In its application to DREAMS, Sawa World proposes to use a combination of “how to” videos, learning posters, interactive workshop training, and 40-plus community-led, self-employment solutions to train 60,000 young women in 10 Ugandan districts over the next two years.  At least 21,000 of young women trained will in turn run their own business.  Innovative thinking can turn DREAMS into reality!