Sawa World Impact Video: Making Earrings

Sawa World Impact Video: Making Earrings

Meet our newest Sawa World Spark (champion of local solutions) Jackie. Her life is a story of following your passion to success. Growing up, she watched her mother work passionately sewing chair backs, and seeing the artistry in the pieces, Jackie’s interest in textiles also grew.

Having discovered her passion, Jackie went to study fashion design. She saw the value behind having these skills—not only would she make a living doing what she loved, she could also train and inspire younger generations!

Currently, Jackie is the founder of an award-winning business! With a budget of only 10,000 Ugandan Shillings (UGX) she makes earrings, each of which earn her 5,000 UGX and up to 300,000 UGX each month! What’s more, she enjoys seeing friends joyfully receive her products as gifts and the growth in former students, with whom she now works!

Jackie hopes youth will have confidence and follow their dreams. If making earrings is your passion, will you learn these skills for yourself? 

Watch the Solution Video here.