Sawa World Explores a Partnership with a Unique University...

Sawa World Explores a Partnership with a Unique University

Many team members with ARU

African Rural University (ARU) is one of Uganda’s newest universities and the first all-women rural university in Africa. Sawa World is now exploring a partnership with this innovative institution in the hopes that together the organizations can empower the women of Africa. Senior staff at ARU visited the Sawa office in Kampala this month to learn about our model and program and had the opportunity to meet with one of our Sawa Sparks, Geoffrey. Like Sawa, ARU focuses on cultivating existing local knowledge and practical skills to transform communities. ARU is exploring the opportunity to replicate Sawa’s unique model on their campus with the hopes that together, Sawa and the university will be able to impact millions of people that are living in the most difficult situations. Another meeting is tentatively scheduled in February. Come back to our website and visit our Facebook page to watch this partnership unfold!