Sawa World Clubs Gather in Uganda

Sawa World Clubs Gather in Uganda

Sawa World has launched three student clubs in Uganda with over 300 members in just three months. The clubs are located at two universities, St Lawrence and Makerere in Kampala and Mpoma Royal Secondary School in Mokono.

The club members range in age from 14 to 25. At the age of 12, Angel is one of the youngest members at Mpoma Royal College. Angel explains, “The Sawa Club has given me confidence and hope. I even nominated a Sawa Spark in my community that is making a difference with his own resources.”

Watch a video of the club gathering and meet Angel.

Angel’s words speak to the spirit and the primary goals of Sawa World. Many youth living in poverty feel a sense of hopelessness. To break the cycle of despair, Sawa World depends on club members like Angel to provide hope to people living in extreme poverty. These connections allow Sawa World to empower the next generation of youth to solve community challenges without the reliance of foreign aid or charity.  

In September 2012 the Sawa Clubs came together at Mpoma Royal College to share ideas and create an action plan to end extreme poverty in their communities. Specifically, they discussed the value of setting up practical workshops to help teach people how to replicate local solutions. Additionally, the group spent time identifying a number of local business opportunities. For example, chicken farming was acknowledged as an inexpensive business venture. The funds generated from the chicken farm could be used to support the Club’s community outreach activities.

The working group closed with a song and poem performed by club members. The lyrics carefully crafted to urge and motivate each club to work together to fight poverty. “Participants were moved by the inspiring words, clapping along to the rhythm of the tune,” explains Sheila Ampumuza, Outreach Director of Sawa World. Sheila helped organize and run the Club working groups for this event. She was amazed by the level of collaboration and idea generation that occurred during these sessions.

Sawa World Clubs create a win-win situation for everyone involved; the activities initiated by club members cause a ripple effect of positive change. Who wins?  Club members and their schools, local innovators and their communities, and of course Sawa World, who is able to spread their unique approach to eradicating extreme poverty with locally created solutions.

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