Reaching Millions in Uganda with Local Solutions

Reaching Millions in Uganda with Local Solutions

Over the past year, Sawa World has shared its unique model and innovative solutions for fighting extreme poverty - inspiring millions of people through community video screenings, school presentations and local media. And there is no doubt; Sawa World is making a positive impact in Uganda!  

Through 10 direct outreach activities, the Sawa Team has engaged a total of 2,754 people in just over four months. On average, the Team has shared Sawa World’s vision and the Sawa Leaders' proven solutions with over 550 people per month through a combination of school presentations, community screenings, and other special events. 

Sawa Founder, Daphne Nederhorst says, "This direct outreach is crucial to Sawa World's in-country programs, as it helps the organization assess whether the Leader videos are effective; how people living in extreme poverty will use them to replicate solutions in their own communities; and how our approach can continue to be improved."

And that’s not all! Sharing the model with the public has lead to critical new partnerships with organizations such as St. Lawrence University and Urban TV and attracted some new volunteers such as social media wizard, Brian Mugisha, who has over 24 million followers on Facebook. 

One participant of a community screening, Aidah, a counsellor in the rural Nakaseke District was particularly impressed by Sawa World's work. She said, "It was so inspiring to learn about our local heroes at the Sawa World community screening. Hundreds of community members would want to come and learn these simple and practical solutions to change our lives. Please do more community screenings."
While direct outreach has been a success, indirect methods have also proven essential to spreading the word. In the first quarter of 2012, Sawa Leaders, Youth Reporters, and Program Coordinators were interviewed for four national TV and radio broadcasts aired in 13 districts of Uganda. This included Urban TV's, Perspectives and a feature on National TV: Channel 44’s Business Live. This mass media exposure has allowed Sawa World to reach out to some of the estimated 4.8 million TV viewers and radio listeners across the country. 

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