Paraguay Trip Paves the Way for Sawa World’s First...

Paraguay Trip Paves the Way for Sawa World’s First Microenterprise

Sawa World founder Daphne Nederhorst completed a sweeping 7-day learning exchange with Fundación Paraguaya, and founder / CEO Martin Burt.  Burt is a world-renowned innovator in microfinance and entrepreneurship, and his foundation supports more than 78,000 small and emerging micro-entrepreneurs and operates many self-sustaining farming schools in Paraguay.  Microenterprises are a huge part of their success, and Sawa World hopes to mirror that in its quest to become self-funding.

During Daphne’s whirlwind trip she met over 100 staff members and students, had 15 highly informative one-on-one interviews with microenterprise experts, squeezed in a two-day visit to a rural agricultural school, and visited 14 microenterprises, all income generating and entirely staffed by students.

Daphne just arrived in Kampala bursting with ideas from her trip to share with her Ugandan team.   “The trip was insanely amazing and useful,” remarked Daphne, “and I’m eager and excited to begin working with the team to identify and plan the launch of Sawa World’s first microenterprise.”  What a testament to how sharing ideas, leveraging knowledge, and partnering with experts can transform lives and strengthen communities!