Guess Who Else is supporting the I Am The Solution Campaign...

Guess Who Else is supporting the I Am The Solution Campaign

Have you checked out our revolutionary campaign that aims to propel 10,000 vulnerable youth from East Africa to start their own small businesses in one day? This phenomenal transformation will happen at the Sawa World Day 2015. Well, the project has captured some global attention! Richard Branson's team at Virgin Unite featured our unique work and the campaign on Christmas Eve. Read the article here.

As this is the time that we all set new resolutions and goals, we wanted to take this opportunity to challenge you, personally, to also support the campaign. We would love for you to share it in your network and encourage people to contribute some funds. For every $1 you contribute one youth’s life will be instantly changed with local and practical skills. Donate $500 and you could even win a trip to Uganda to attend the Sawa World Day yourself! Let's make it happen for I Am The Solution Campaign.