The Face Behind the Sawa World Lense: Stephen Ssempala

The Face Behind the Sawa World Lense: Stephen Ssempala


Sometimes in life you just need someone to believe in you and give you an opportunity.

Never is this more true than in the case of Sawa World’s film co-ordinator, Stephen Ssempala from Uganda. From a young age, Stephen always had a passion for film making but never had an opportunity to realize his dream. He lives in one of Kampala’s notorious slum communities. In a small home he takes care of seven younger siblings under the age of 13 with his mother after his father was brutally murdered just a few years ago. 

He joined the Sawa Team in 2011 at the tender age of 17 and it is here where he developed his media skills and confidence. 2015 will mark Stephen’s 4th year with the Sawa World Team and we couldn’t be prouder! Being with Sawa World he’s learnt the skills and gained the experience necessary to start his own film production business. He’s now a confident young filmmaker with a bright future. A future that also inspires others. 

Watch one of the first videos Stephen made for the Sawa team and contrast it to his most recent video. What an amazing difference right?

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