Engaging Canadian High Schools with Sawa World

Engaging Canadian High Schools with Sawa World

When Brittany Coulter arrived in Uganda for a five-week internship with Sawa World, she was struck by the simple, effective solutions local Leaders were using to fight extreme poverty in their communities and how the organization was working to support them. Now Coulter is determined to raise massive awareness about a model that actually works, and give youth back home the opportunity to take part in meaningful positive change, themselves.

Unlike foreign aid organizations — pervasive in many impoverished nations — Sawa World recognizes that solutions to extreme poverty already exist and works to replicate them in surrounding communities.

After working with the Ugandan Team including Sawa Youth Reporters, Interns and Sawa Leaders, Coulter knew that she had to share this experience with as many people as possible, not just in Uganda, but in Canada as well. She said, “I feel youth have a huge potential to take this and make it grow — connecting our Clubs, Youth, Leaders and Sparks at an exponential rate!”

As Sawa’s School Outreach Coordinator, Coulter will be setting up connections with schools in Canada and existing Sawa Clubs in Uganda. The idea is to connect Clubs via Skype and social media; youth will be encouraged to exchange ideas on local solutions that are changing communities.

Both groups will benefit from the program. Canadian students, who are so often bombarded with negative stories of failing development models, will be inspired by the ability of the economically repressed individuals, in countries such as Uganda, to empower themselves through their own innovation. They will learn about change, hope, inspiration and the positive impacts of idea sharing, instead of what’s not working.

Ugandan students will have the opportunity to share their ideas with the international community and learn from their Canadian peers.

Coulter is excited to test the program in September with schools around Vancouver. She will brainstorm with the students how they would like to be involved and how they can best contribute to the work in Uganda.

Contact us today if you or someone you know is interested in starting a program at a local school. Learn more about Sawa Clubs by visiting our website today!